Emmanuel Church (Columbia) Building Requisition Form

This Form is for internal request by members only. Any Inquiry to reserve the Sanctuary and or Life Center for your special event at Emmanuel please visit our contact page and give us a call or email.

Every event hosted at Emmanuel (Columbia) needs to be approved through the Event Request Form. Here is the process for reviewing Event Request forms:

Step 1: Submit the form online.

Step 2: The Event Management team will review the form for content and dates

Step 3: If the event is APPROVED, you will receive a call/email from the Event team confirming scheduling. If the event is NOT APPROVED, a detailed email will be sent outlining the reasons.

Note: All event request should be submitted a minimum of 7 days before the tentative event date.

Please enter the name of the event as you want it to appear on the calendar.
Please enter the name of the ministry that is sponsoring the event.

Basic Event Information

Use this field if the event has MULTIPLE dates; List the date and describe how your event will repeat (Be sure to include the time)
Use this field if the event has ONE date

Event Contact Information

If you do not have an email address, please type NONE in the field above.

Event Description

Include detailed information to be published on the Church's website. Example: Activities at the event, goal of the event.

Other Services Needed

Question related to Church Official being present for your event.


By clicking submit, you are agreeing to be the contact person for the above listed event and will be responsible for the attendees adhering to the guidelines established by the Facilities Ministry for the use of the facilities of Emmanuel Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Columbia).